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  • Welcome to the official website of Jiangsu Tuoqiu Agriculture Chemical Co., Ltd.!

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    Tuoqiu Agriculture Chemical


    Tuoqiu Agriculture Chemical

    Bromoxanil 98%TC,95%TC,45%WP,25%WP, 25%EC,25%ME

    CAS No: 35691-65-7
    Molecular formula: C6H6Br2N2
    Molecular weight: 265.94
    Structural formula: 

    Bromoxanil is a broad-spectrum, high-efficiency, low-toxicity fungicide, which can inhibit and eradicate the growth of fungi, bacteria, and algae, has a good control effect on crop diseases, and has special effects on anthracnose. Widely used in fruit trees, grapes, vegetables, cotton, peanuts, watermelons, tobacco, tea trees, flowers and other crops, to control anthracnose, scab, scab, powdery mildew, rust, blight, damping off, rhizomes Rot, canker, bacterial wilt, angular spot and other fungal and bacterial diseases. Flexible application methods, foliar spray, seed treatment and soil irrigation, all show good control effects. It is also suitable for killing algae in lake environmental treatment, improving the water quality of fish ponds; anti-corrosion and mildew-proofing of textiles and leather.
    Physical and chemical properties:
    White or pale yellow crystalline powder with slightly irritating odor. Melting point 52.5-53.2°C, density 970g/ml (20°C), vapor pressure 6.70X10Pa-3 (25°C), insoluble in water (0.212g/100ml 20°C) easily soluble in acetone, benzene, Organic solvents such as chloroform and ethanol.
    Packing: 25kg/cardboard drum
    Formulation: 25% wettable powder, 25% emulsifiable concentrate, 25% microemulsion


    Jiangsu Tuoqiu Agriculture Chemical Co.,Ltd.

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