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    Tuoqiu Agriculture Chemical


    Tuoqiu Agriculture Chemical

    Tebuconazole 97%TC,95%TC,80%WP,80%WDG,50%WDG ,25%EC,6%FS

    CAS No: 107534-96-3
    Molecular formula: C16H22ON3Cl
    Molecular weight: 307.8
    Structural formula:

    Tebuconazole is a triazole class of efficient, low toxicity, broad-spectrum fungicides and sterol demethylation inhibitors. It has the function of systemic absorption and conduction, and plays the three roles of protection, treatment and eradication at the same time, which can not only kill the germs attached to the surface of the object, but also kill the germs that have invaded the crop body. It is a high-efficiency fungicide used for seed treatment or foliar spraying of important economic crops. It can effectively control various rust, powdery mildew, net spot, root rot, scab, smut and seed-borne diseases of cereal crops. Wheel spot disease, etc. When applied to the seed treatment of wheat, it is equally effective for various pathogens carried by the seeds, whether they are adsorbed on the epidermis or inside the seeds.
    Physical and chemical properties:
    This product is colorless crystal, melting point is 102.4°C, vapor pressure is 0.0133mPa (20°C): Solubility (20°C): water 32mg/L, toluene 50-100g/L.
    Packing: 25kg/cardboard drum
    Preparation: 80% water dispersible granules, 50% water dispersible granules, 43% suspending agent, 25% emulsifiable concentrate, 25% water emulsion, 6% suspended seed coating agent.


    Jiangsu Tuoqiu Agriculture Chemical Co.,Ltd.

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