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  • Welcome to the official website of Jiangsu Tuoqiu Agriculture Chemical Co., Ltd.!

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    Tuoqiu Agriculture Chemical


    Tuoqiu Agriculture Chemical

    Ethyl 2,3-dicyanopropionate 99%

    CAS No: 40497-11-8
    Molecular formula: C7H8N2O2
    Molecular weight: 152.15
    Molecular Structure:

    Uses: This product is a pesticide intermediate.
    Packing: 25, 50, 180 kg/iron drum
    Physical and chemical properties: colorless to light yellow oily liquid, boiling point 132-136℃ (0.5mmHg)
    Quality index: ≥99.0%


    Jiangsu Tuoqiu Agriculture Chemical Co.,Ltd.

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