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  • Welcome to the official website of Jiangsu Tuoqiu Agriculture Chemical Co., Ltd.!

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    Tuoqiu Agriculture Chemical


    Tuoqiu Agriculture Chemical

    33% Chunlei. Copper quinoline suspending agent

    Specifications: 20g/bag, 100g/bottle, 500g/bottle, 1000g/bottle


    1. High bactericidal activity: Contains 2 ingredients, antibiotic + organic copper, multiple action sites, more efficient sterilization, and obvious synergistic effect.

    2. Strong systemic conductivity: At the same time, it has the activities of treatment, protection and eradication, and it is not easy to produce drug resistance.

    3. Crop health effect: using a unique chelating process, spraying on crops, producing an organic protective film on the surface of crops, longer protection time, improving crop physiological functions, enhancing crop stress resistance, and improving crop quality and yield.

    Prevention object:

    Cucumber: Bacterial angular spot disease (registered)

    This product is widely used in melons and fruits, solanaceous fruits, leafy vegetables, grapes, peach trees, citrus, bananas, dragon fruits, mangoes, kiwi fruits, coffee, Panax notoginseng and other crops to control bacterial angular spot, canker, Downy mildew, bacterial wilt, black tea, bacterial perforation, bacterial root rot and other bacterial and fungal diseases.

    The specific use is subject to the registration of the Ministry of Agriculture and the promotion experience of the local plant protection department.


    Jiangsu Tuoqiu Agriculture Chemical Co.,Ltd.

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