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    Tuoqiu Agriculture Chemical

    The herbicide technical project with an annual output of 3,000 tons will be put into construction, including nicosulfuron, imazamox, etc.

    Time: 2021-07-12

    On June 25, Inner Mongolia Xinnongji Technology Co., Ltd. 3,000 tons/year green high-efficiency and low toxicity herbicide technical and 3,500 tons/year chemical intermediates project (second stage 1,000 tons/year nicosulfuron technical) environmental impact Evaluation documents are accepted. Inner Mongolia Xinnongji Technology Co., Ltd. is jointly invested and established by Zibo Xingji Holdings Co., Ltd. and Yichang Xingfa Group Co., Ltd. Zibo New Agricultural Foundation Crop Science Co., Ltd. invested by Zibo Xingji Holdings has an annual sales of nicosulfuron-methyl with an annual sales of 200 million yuan and a market share of 21%.

            New Agro-based company has reached a strategic cooperation agreement with a well-known multinational company. At present, the layout of the existing production plants is saturated. Therefore, Zibo Xinnongji Crop Science Co., Ltd. and Yichang Xingfa Group jointly invested and established Inner Mongolia Xinnongji Technology Co., Ltd. in Wuhai to build new facilities and expand production to meet market demand.

           The project is to be constructed in two stages. The first stage of construction is to produce 750 tons of nicosulfuron technical and 1,200 tons of intermediate sulfonamide, and at the same time by-produce dimethylamine hydrochloride, sodium sulfite, sodium chloride and ammonium chloride. , phenol, potassium chloride and sodium hypochlorite solutions, supporting the construction of storage tank areas, raw and auxiliary material warehouses, circulating cooling water systems, sewage pretreatment facilities, sewage treatment stations, RTO incineration systems, public works (compressed air, power distribution rooms, etc.), and Other auxiliary rooms (R&D, office, etc.), etc. The construction content of the second stage is to produce 1,000 tons of imazethapyr technical, 200 tons of imazethapyr technical, 100 tons of imazethapyr technical, 1,000 tons of nicosulfuron technical, intermediate butyramide (AA ) 800 tons, intermediate 5-ethylpyridine-2,3-dicarboxylate diethyl ester (PDE) 1500 tons, at the same time by-product ammonium sulfate, sodium bromide, ethanol, relying on various public and auxiliary projects constructed in the first stage .

           This EIA only covers the construction of the second stage 1,000 tons/year nicosulfuron technical production line. The first-stage product production projects and the second-stage production projects except nicosulfuron-methyl have been approved by the EIA in March 2021.


    (Information source: Pesticide Consulting Network)


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