Because When Nothing Works, It Does!

Have you also been through days when your skin does not seem to be friendly with you? Well, it’s time to revamp your relations with your skin. Before that, let’s find out what magic Princess Filler brought to my ridged, striped and wrinkled skin.

Few years back, after I graduated from college, I went to U.S for my summer short course in marketing. I was offered an internship so I really couldn’t miss the chance to be one of the lucky top five students who were offered one. Before going to USA, I had planned to take Princess Filler treatment in Florida, I even bought Princess Filler from Meso Pro for the treatment in advance.

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I was very excited,, it was a great chance to travel U.S, Florida, as I had never been there and I always wanted to explore this place but due to short of money and time, I couldn’t make it.

Everything was on point; I did all the preparations to spend there, the three months of summer. As UK has never been really hot even if its summer or winter, doesn’t matter to UK. So I had really no idea about what was going to hit my way, this time real hard. Well, I flew to U.S at the end of May and returned back to my country after three months in September.

Within these three months, I had no idea my skin would hurt so badly out of hot weather and sun exposure. I brought a lot of wrinkles and fine lines with me on my face. I couldn’t believe my skin looked like a 50 year old lady (well I’m just exaggerating).

I tried contacting a couple of dermatologists to look into my matter for almost a year and a half, but nothing seemed to be enhancing my skin’s smoothness. After a long wait, I had no option but to use filler. it really kind of scared me at first, but when I read about Princess fillers and its specifications regarding hyaluronic acid which is an organic ingredient found in human skin. I developed trust relations with it after reading this article about HA injections.

However, this doesn’t mean all the fillers particularly Princess would suit my skin. Market is full of forged vendors and you cannot trust anybody. Nonetheless, has this authenticity which had carried me away when I took the chance on them. They proved their genuineness and so did Princess Fillers. After buying my first dermal filler from them, I always buy Croma dermal fillers from them.

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