An overview of types of PDO threads

PDO threads are found to be one of the most popular face lifting treatments for all ages. PDO treads very in structures and work accordingly. There are three types of PDO threads:

  • Mono Threads
  • Cog Threads
  • Screw Threads

We have some valuable information for you about these threads. But for a brief description let us explain, PDO threads are injected under patient’s skin through Microneedles.

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Let’s read further about them:

An overview of types of PDO threads

Mono Thread

  • Mono threads are one of the kinds of PDO threads.
  • They have smooth filament i.e. without barbs.
  • They have the similar purpose like any other thread which is to have a tightening effect on the skin.
  • It provides rejuvenating effect onto the skin by inclining the levels of collagen into the skin.
  • They are also made to treat skin from wrinkles.
  • Mono threads in combination with cog threads can give you a non-surgical wrinkle free treatment. The specialty of this treatment is that it does not only tighten skin but also uplifts the skin for more flawless beauty.

Cog Threads

  • They are also like mono threads except for the barbs. They do not have smooth structure. Instead have barbs on their filament.
  • The tissue folding into the skin that makes the skin saggy can be treated with these threads.
  • It provides sin a firm and uplifted texture to the skin besides tightening.
  • It is mainly used in jaw-line but in some cases, it can also be used in eyebrows and nose areas.

Screw Threads

  • Screw threads are best for giving your face more volume; uplifted cheeks or a chubby look.
  • Screw threads come in a interlinked manner of two or more threads swirled around the needle. This is done in order to enhance the results.
  • It provides your cheeks not only an uplifted look but also contour cheeks.
  • The average time of any PD thread is 18 to 24 moths depending on how badly your skin is affected with sagginess and wrinkles.

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